PTSE2010 Topics Contributions
 Contributions are welcome on the following topics:
  • CO2 Capture
  • CO2 StorageCO2 transport, impact of the impurities
  • Diagnosticsdiagnostic technique and sensor for the understanding, monitoring and control of combustion
  • Energy IssuesApplication of the EC Directive on CCS Technologies
  • Flames: laminar and turbulent premixed, non-premixed, and partially premixed flames, fluid-dynamics, stability and dynamical issues
  • Heterogeneous Combustioncoal, char, biomass, including pyrolysis, gasification and ash formation, catalytic combustion
  • IC Engines and Gas Turbine Combustionautomotive engines, gas turbine for propulsion and power generation
  • Large scale CCS demonstration projects 
  • New Technology ConceptsMILD combustion, oxyfuel combustion, mini and micro combustors and other novel combustion processes with particular regard to the CCS ready combustion processes
  • Pollutants in Combustion Systemsformation, growth and destruction of soot, PAH, nanoparticles, dioxins
  • Reaction Kineticskinetics of reactive flows, mechanism generation, simplification and reduction
  • Safety Issues
  • Stationary Combustion Systems: combustion in fluidized beds, incinerators, boilers and furnaces, plants and industrial application
  • Thermal Treatments