Politecnico di Milano - Dipartimento di Energia
Politecnico di Milano is the largest engineering and architecture school in Italy, with about 35,000 students and 1400 professors. Out of 16 Departments, the Energy Department is deeply involved in many research areas, as detailed below, with a research group (Gecos) focusing on Clean Power Generation, with particular regard to CO2 capture technologies and to other subjects related to greenhouse effect mitigation: hydrogen production from fossil fuels, hydrogen transport and utilization, fuel cells, solar energy, biomass and bio-derived fuels, waste-to-power, etc.
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Research on energy processes and technologies requires a deep knowledge of the fundamentals in all the branch of the Industrial Engineering. Members of the Energy Departments have the specific know-how and well established experience to carry out advanced research activities at the highest international level. These activities embrace all the range of energy sciences and technologies, but they are especially focused on three strategic sectors:

  • Electric power generation, transmission and distribution
  • Energy technologies in transports
  • Thermal engineering and efficient final energy use

To fulfill its R&D objectives the Energy Department makes use of the operating tools proper of the scientific and technological research in the engineering field, in connection with several laboratories of modeling and numerical simulation and experimental laboratories belonging to the five Department divisions:

This partition follows the scientific background and the activity fields of the different research groups included in each section without hindering collaboration and cross-fertilization in the frame of interdisciplinary projects that represent the distinctive mark of the Department and the basic reason of its foundation.

The network of collaborations and relationships with the best international universities and laboratories and well-established connections with the industries are guarantee of quality about the research activities carried out at the Department and an ideal background for technical and scientific innovation and development of new ideas in the energy sector.

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