The main coal basin in Italy is the Eocenic Sulcis Coal Basin, located in SW Sardinia, which presently hosts the only coal mine in activity, the Monte Sinni u/g Mine, managed by the Carbosulcis S.p.a.
The Sulcis Coal Basin, worth of 1.2 Billion tons of sub-bitumineous coal reserves laying on a 800 km2 surface equally parted between in-shore and off-shore, is is placed in the SW end of Sardinia. The northern part of basin is exploited with traditional mining methods in the Monte Sinni Concession, while the southern one, deeper than 800 m, is unmineable and interesting for CCS-ECBM purposes.
A strong involvement in clean coal R&D activities is now increasing in order to maximize the Sulcis Coal Basin exploitation.
The ECBM Carbosulcis project, totally self funded, aims at assessing the ECBM potentialities of the deeper unmineable coal beds, joining together some of the main Italian and European institutions and research companies acting in the CO2 geological storage field.
Carbosulcis S.p.A. is the only Italian coal mining Company, managing a 60 Mt reserves of sub-bituminous coal Concession "Miniera Monte Sinni" Mine, in SW Sardinia.
The Company employs about 500 units in underground and in surface activities, gaining a potential production of about 1.5 Mt of coal per year.
The “Monte Sinni” Mine deploys modern mining equipments within a 30 km underground development drifts and roadways. The decline ramp and the lift cages, in the four main shafts, give workpeople and vehicle access to the underground, and allow both air ventilation in the underground and access to different levels of mine, up to 500 meters deep.
Carbosulcis policy aims at reaching high levels in Quality, Environment and Safety, achieving Certifications of Excellence such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EMAS, OHSAS.
Miniera Monte Sinni Loc. Nuraxi Figus 09010 Gonnesa (CI)